FAMOUS screens the personnel/staff before appointment. Our procedure is to undertake complete local and native place address including reference check and photograph of the individual. We ensure that the best talents are recruited and screened and that all governmental procedures and predeployment arrangements are arranged. Before deployment all the selected candidates are sent for medical fitness check-up to the authorized medical centers by authorized medical practitioners. Our recruitment process is always focusing on our client’s specific requirements and quality services.


To provide the highest level of service for your employees, it’s important that your facility be staffed with people who are technically proficient, properly trained to perform their duties efficiently, and willing to deliver “service with a smile”. FAMOUS have training programs for all employees as per their assign job to support the drive for quality. Employees are encouraged to take more responsibility, communicate more effectively, act creatively, and innovate.


In order to provide quality service, we give priority on in‐depth and acve on‐the‐ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operaons team comprising of Managers and Area Officers, who are equipped with all required communicaons and systems, carry out checks on all our assignments on 24 x 7 basis. For best operaonal results, we confer with users to define their standard operang procedure (SOP) including post‐instrucons. Our round the clock operaonal team insures efficiency, alertness and job responsibility of our personnel.


FAMOUS adhere in applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Where’s Principal employer (client) is sole responsible to comply the guidelines of Government toward the wages, duty hours, statutory compliances and other benefits paid to the personnel /staff as applicable in the state, FAMOUS is always prefer to fulfill statutory obligations related their assign employee. FAMOUS posses all the requisite licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities under the applicable laws, rules and regulations at any time.


Our payroll process is based on following systems:

  • of attendance from Client‘s
  • Calculation of wages / salary
  • Calculation of allowance‘s overtime‘s
  • Deduction of PF & ESI
  • Deduction of required Tax‘s.
  • Deduction of Advance, Lone, EMI.
  • Deduction of Uniform & others provided items.
  • Reimbursements of allowance‘s and Incentives
  • Preparation of individual salary slip
  • Preparation of net pay summary of unit
  • Maintenance wages register of unit
  • Deposit salary in bank account
  • Inform to personnel‘s about their salary payments
  • Amount disbursals of Bonus, Paid Leave, Gratuity & other.


After mutual accordance on technical and commercial ground, our team of expert operational staff visits the site to analyze and understand the needs of client requirements. Based on the report a standard operating procedure including charter of duties for personnel; client's expectations from staff, emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of SOP is prepared in consultation with the client. We execute Service Level Agreement with the client before starting the services. Parties lay down terms and conditions for this agreement, which is duly signed by their authorized representatives. No employee of the company is permitted to commit an illegal or unethical act, or to instruct others to do so, for any reason. If a law conflicts with a particular action, industry practice and Service Level Agreement, company must comply with the law.