1.House Keeping And Cleaning Services

Cleaning is not just removing the dirt, but enhancing the aesthecs and increasing assets life. We offer wide range of cleaning services to fit for everyone needs. We ensure that your premises look sparkling through use of state‐of‐the‐art equipments & eco‐friendly cleaning materials. All work are done by our trained, experienced and professional staff using the latest equipments and quality material to ensure that all tasks are carried out to the highest standards on me.

Our housekeeping aides are detailorientated, having excellent organizaon skills, able to work accurately and capable of maintaining confidenality. They possess sound judgment skills and are proficient in solving problems.

Duties of House Keeping And Cleaning Services

  • Keep all areas clean and tidy in & around of the premises. This includes washing, dusting, polishing, vacuum cleaning, sweeping and mopping as appropriate.
  • Clean and polish furniture and fixtures, windows, glass partitions, mirrors and other accessories with follow procedures for the use of chemical, cleaners, power equipment, in order to prevent of damage.
  • Ensure that all cleaning equipment /materials are maintained in a safe, clean and efficient working condition. Where an item of equipment requires repair this should be reported to the administrator.
  • Wear proper protective clothing in accordance with EHS regulations and infection control guidelines.
  • Monitor premises security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created.

2.Hospitality and Pantry Services

Pantry services are being viewed by many employers as a valuable employee benefit and a staff retention tool. FAMOUS works with each client to tailor its pantry services and ensuring employees always have access to snacks and hot beverages.

The duties of our pantry staff depend on the requirements which includes

  • Prepare and Serve tea and coffee to employee and guest etc.
  • Serving food, snacks and beverage to staff, officers and guest etc.
  • Washing, chopping, dicing and carving both fruits and vegetables.
  • Ordering and stocking the food and maintain the required record.
  • Keep up with current culinary trends and the latest techniques.

3.Landscaping and Gardening

We make your landscape dreams come true. Our experienced staff will create a professionally finished product that you will be proud to enjoy for years to come. We are taking care of all your landscaping needs, total care services will be there for you to count on. Our trained Gardeners always take care of gardens and lawns. They maintains the beautification of the lawns and gardens in order to attract viewers.

Job Profile of Gardener:

  • They plant, water and trim plants and flowers.
  • Pulling out dead grass and debris from trees.
  • Trim and water the grass in order to maintain its mass.
  • Lay fertilizers and other chemicals to flowers and plants.
  • Maintain the cleanliness in the garden by sweeping trashes.
  • Do basic landscaping and designs for the beautification of gardens.
  • Prevention of wastage of materials & taking care of maintenance of equipments.

4.Contractual Labour

FAMOUS provides wide variety of experienced skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workforce to work in your manufacturing and administrative locations. You do not have to bother about ramping up; as we can do that at very short notice, so that you can focus on your core business. FAMOUS workforce is specialised to work in Steel, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Textile, Plastic and various types of production and manufacturing industries. Their jobs are to work under instruction of plant Operators⁄HOD. Famous is providing manpower for Loading and Unloading of material and general goods.

5.Driver and Chauffeur Services

We provide experienced Chauffeurs / Drivers for individual and organizational needs, like car rental and car leasing, transportation and supply chain and other fleet services. Our services includes valet chauffeur for Hotels, Hospitals, Hospitality services and event management companies etc. Our chauffeurs are completely customer service focused and willing to assist the passenger in any way they can. They are taught with proper etiquette to serve the client in a professional manner. They are also being trained for services to the client beyond the car itself, such as for a personal valet or bodyguard. Additional professional license with certain minimum standards in areas such as: age, health, driving experience, criminal record, local geographic knowledge and training attended.

6.Logistic Support Services

Our Logistic Support team ensures that all incoming materials are intact and accurate, prepare outgoing shipments, review material documentation such as invoices and packing lists, and maintain inventory of material supplies. They may also be involved in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of goods.

Responsibilities of our Logistic Support Staff includes:

  • Coordinate and monitor supply chain operations.
  • Ensure premises, assets and communication ways are used effectively.
  • Utilize logistics IT to optimize procedures.
  • Coordinate logistics staff (e.g. truck drivers) according to requirements.
  • Plan and track the material of final products according to customer requirements.
  • Keep logs and records of material incoming, outgoing, stock, executed orders etc.
  • Prepare accurate reports for upper management.
  • Ensure the smooth operations of a variety of channels aiming for maximum efficiency.

7.Delivery Staff Services

FAMOUS provides delivery staff including bikers and drivers to deliver goods and providing exceptional customer service to our client base. Our staff is expert to deliver a wide variety of items to different addresses and through different routes. They strictly follow company's regulations and safety standards.

Responsibilities of our Logistic Support Staff includes:

  • Conduct inspections of order before departing to deliver goods.
  • Ensure packaging of the goods according to company's specifications.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with route dispatcher.
  • Timely delivery of goods as per given time scheduled.
  • Review deliveries with customers to ensure products meet their needs.
  • Obtain delivery confirmations from each customer.
  • Collection of payment in case of cash on delivery.
  • Accurate accounting of collection and deposit it to cashier of the company.

8.Business Continuity Support services

FAMOUS provides end‐to‐end project management and business support services by providing trained staff and implementing standardised processes through our state‐ of the art operational platform to improve the day‐today running of your facility and helps to achieve your goal.

Our support services include:

  • Utility Services
  • Care taker services
  • Patient Care Services
  • Event support services
  • Watch and ward services
  • Facility attendant services
  • Billing and account support
  • Production support services
  • Administration support service
  • Building Management services
  • Warehouse and distribution support

9.Manpower Outsourcing Services

The ultimate focus of FAMOUS is providing the benefits of outsourcing to the clients, thereby making them save cost on every aspect of their business and hence increase their profits. Staffing is one of the most important functions of the management. In fact, it is the process of filling vacant position by appointing the right personnel at the right job at the right time.

Advantages of Famous Outsourcing:

  • Cost and efficiency savings.
  • Get rid of Casualties/Hazards.
  • Focus on core business activities .
  • Continuity and risk management.
  • Develop internal staff and resources.
  • Reduced burden of recruitment, administration, payroll and accounts.
  • Save time and effort from dealing with labor laws & Compliances.